Meal Plans

As a happy Brazilian family, we like to welcome everyone into our table, just like that we would love to cook for you for the week, or a few meals a week.

Here we have the possibility to create a weekly or meal plan specific for you and/or your family. We can adapt to any dietary restrictions or preferences. Together we will go over a little consult to determine what are the limitations and the free will to make sure everyone will be well-taken care of with every dish.

We work with organic products and produce, local and seasonal as much as we can, and a touch of love in all the areas.

Our meals are packed into glass containers to protect your health and the environment. 

As far as the deliveries, we make them once a week, and the delivery price arrangements will be discussed subject to the address and needs.

For price inquiries, please send us an email at or call Petra Flor at (612) 396-6481.

We are looking forward to nourish you soon!