Welcome to my life. My name is Petra, my family has called me Petra Flor since I can remember, so this name has stuck and is now my signature. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, I moved to Hawaii for a short time in 2005, then to the amazing mountains of Virginia where I lived for 5 years, then I was off to Minneapolis for a year and have since settled in the sunny and inspiring Los Angeles California.


During my travels, I was lucky enough to learn and see so much, the different cultures, lifestyles, weather, pace of life and the great outdoors. These great adventures have taught me so much, so much so that I have decided to share them with you. I am the author and creator of these posts, and the pictures are pictures I have taken.


I am a free spirit of sorts, I love the outdoors, I am an adventure seeker, absolutely addicted to cooking and all the great natural items you can cook with, fitness and me go hand and hand, I challenge myself to the fullest, family is very important to me and I have to admit I am extremely organized, almost to a fault.


I currently work with Wholistickids and Families, which is a pediatric holistic office, working here has given me the opportunity to learn about food and healthy living in a different light. I have the opportunity to learn about bio-individuality (each one of us is different and should be treated as such), how important it is to have our primary and secondary foods in balance. Not sure what primary and secondary foods are? Let me break it down for you:


  • Primary food is what we can’t see or eat, but what guide us: healthy relationships, physical activity, a fulfilling career, a spiritual practice, an inspirational hobby, etc.
  • Secondary food is actually what we eat.


Working in an environment that is so inspirational, has given me the tools I need to help others and the liberty to do what I love.


You can usually find me at the gym before the sun comes up (I have seen some amazing sunrises), running a marathon or some ultra trail run, heading out for a road trip (mountains, coast, desert… you name it), camping, shopping at the farmer’s market for some fresh goodies, hiking trails, skiing mountains, going for a ocean/lake/river dip, dancing in my car like nobody is watching (I’m sure no one is), having some quality time with my loved ones, recruiting family/friends/coworkers/random people to have a happier life style, and of course cooking, even on the road.


Here on my site you will be able to keep in touch with me, my thoughts, food and recipe ideas, life motivations, exercise and fitness goals, struggles and celebrations. Life can be challenging at times, but I do my best to keep my mind positive and free of negative vibes. I truly believe that if you work hard and are true to yourself and others that good comes back to you.

For more daily updates on food, places to explore, new workouts moves to keep interesting… check out my Instagram/Facebook, feel free to message me here or in my Instagram/Facebook page for any question, feedback, or just to say hello!

By the way,
I may speak a little funny and be a little silly, so don’t mind me if some of the posts are a little crazy and out there. But that’s me and I would love to get to know you all as well, in all your crazy, silly fun loving ways.


Cheers to making this life the best life you will ever live.

Petra Flor.