Health Coaching


 I’m Petra Flor. I love life, enjoy breaking a sweat first thing in the morning before my day starts, get in the car and go for a drive somewhere beautiful, cook healthy delicious food that makes us feel amazing inside out, guide you to be a healthier and happier version of yourself, and a true believer that we are all different and we have the power to do and be whatever you set your mind to it.

Stepping into a new routine or lifestyle, is a tough and not fun ride for a lot of us. But one thing I can promise is to be there for you every step of the way, so together we can move on pass some fears and create a new brighter routine.

Together we can, together we will !

You might be asking how did I get myself here…

To help paint a better picture of why I am fascinated by this environment here is a little backstory for you…

I was born and raised in Rio, Brazil. Had an extraordinary childhood with loving and supportive parents, school years were smooth with plenty of family and friends around. Until I was 14-15 years old I was on the verge to be an obese child/teenager. I tried every diet you could imagine but none of them worked  long term. One thing I wasn't doing on my part was physical activities. Now thats not the case at all! I have ran many marathons and for my birthday this year I did my first ultra marathon (50km / 31.06 miles) in beautiful Monument Valley, AZ. im very glad to have developed a love for running.One summer break my family (brother, cousins, uncles, aunts…) and I spent our vacation in the mountains of Rio. We had such an amazing time playing around in the pool, running, spending time outside and exploring that the thought of eating was far removed from my mind. That summer the weight melted off but I didn’t even notice until I went back to school and everyone was talking about how thin I had become. I then made a connection and thought that if food was making me fat I would just stop eating and that’s where the issue started. I stopped eating all around. At that time I was not educated enough or had the right attitude to hear about moderation and combining a active lifestyle with healthy food choices to be where I wanted to be. I started to lie to my parents saying that I ate at school or a friends house and vice versa when I was with friends. Within a few months my weight dropped even more and you could see the bones all over my body. My parents had a serious talk with me one day and helped open my eyes to the real problem. Around that same time my school started dance classes, I found myself. I was dancing so much that I had to eat so I could keep up with the dance routines and school work. After this scary episode, I decided to be more aware of my food choices and started to be more active.

Now everyone knows  when I travel or hang out it always involves hikes, beach walks, trail runs and any other outdoor activity, I love it all!

After moving out of my parents house and living on my own for the first time, that’s when the passion for cooking really started. I never had to cook while living at home, but thankfully we always had home cooked meals and we always sat at the table together for at least one meal a day. It wasn't just a time to nourish our bodies with nice, cozy, home cooked food, but also our souls with a good conversations, sharing what happened in our day, talking over any issues or making plans for the future. I take this incredible routine with me everywhere I go. I cook almost all my meals everyday. I love to try new methods, flavors, textures, etc. I don’t look at cooking a meal as losing time. In fact, I can feel a little off if my weeks been busier than the usual and I didn’t get to spend time in the kitchen. As soon as I get the chance to cook something I have been wanting to try my day gets better in a split of second. That said, you can pick my brain as much as you want for any recipes and ideas. I am not a mom yet, but I have two amazing nephews that help me understand how challenging kids can be especially at meal time. However, those two eat a great variety of foods because of my brother and his wife’s healthy diet and good example. I know it can take time to develop healthy patterns and I want to listen your struggles, concerns and point of view to try to obtain the best results possible for you, your family and lifestyle. Also, I love grocery shopping… I absolutely LOVE IT! If this is something you can’t stand, don’t like or don’t have time for, let’s see how we can make it an easier task to be done or maybe even turn it into a fun pastime.  

After a couple years working with Wholistic Kids and Families, I decided to go a little deeper in my knowledge and understanding of how all this affects the human body. I registered myself into IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), and recieved my Health Coach Certificate. The best part of this course was learning more about what I was already applying to my day to day life. Practical application is key with any new information. A big thanks to Dr. K and Dr. Kato who stood by my side and helped make this step way more exciting and manageable.

As a certified Health Coach I want to help as much as I can to create a healthier, happier future for you. One of the most important things I learned in my program was the importance of combining changes not only to our lifestyles but food choices as well. Separate they can bring you some fast results, but together they can change your world. When working together as a team, being accountable for each other, supporting and motivating one another, things can and will get better. If they are already good for you, I promise together we can make it extraordinary.