May 1st... Day 9 of 125.

May 1st... How the hell is May 1st already? The time is flying by like crazy!

Anyways... I'm not only training for my triathlon coming up in August but I am also putting myself through some challenges along the way. 

I first started  the 50 burpees a day for 30 days challenge and was going pretty good till I over worked out and killed my shoulder that I couldn't do them for 2 days and then a stiffed neck for a couple days killed my buzz to continue with it. Yep, weak move.

The following week some girlfriends and I came together and started the squat challenge and we are going strong. I skipped one day and was able to come back right on the next day which was the "rest" day and I just flipped it. I know that I should not use that  as an excuse, but that's what I did instead of stopping completely.

That not being enough, a few weeks ago after talking to one of my girlfriends I was saying out loud that I wanted a "food" challenge for the month of May and mentioned that I would not eat peanut butter for the whole month, and my girlfriend looked straight up to my eyes and said that I should do something out of my comfort zone as I haven't be successful in past tries and that I should give up alcohol for the whole month and keep my truth about it. I said that I actually would think about it and after a couple days thinking I decided to take it. 

I decided to say YES, because I don't remember the last time that I was that long without a drink. Could be with my family having casual dinner, going hang out with my friends, after a good hike, cheer after a race, having a glass of wine while working on my projects... always a reason why to have a drink. It'n not a bad thing to do what you want in the first place, but with all this training that I want to do, I need to be the best condition I can possibly be. That includes hydration, sleep, nutrition, body recovery, etc and sometimes partying get that from you, lol! I think majority of us can relate to this. 

I might even keep up after the 31 days go by... but today I take a vote to be alcohol free for 31 days. And I decided on my own that I will be peanut butter free in June (that will suck balls... I love peanut butter! lol!)

Day 9th was a good day! 

I woke up already with a smile in my face and headed to the gym. Did some weight training, my 100 squats for the challenge, added more 10 lbs on my leg reps and did some abs. Good morning indeed.

Was not that hungry this morning, so I hardboiled some eggs... Took them to work and ate them with my bulletproof coffee for breakfast in the office.

For lunch I took my leftover for a couple of nights ago, the spaghetti squash with chicken sausage dish... not a bad dish to reheat, lol!

I was deciding during the day if I should go for a run or another workout after work. But to be honest I passed it because I wanted to write here for a bit, to read more of my "Training Bible" and have been listening to this awesome podcast from Joe Rogan Experience with Dr. Matthew Walker the Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science, an amazing podcast about the importance of our sleep and how much we lack on it. Need to be brutally honest that I said many times that I don't need to sleep much, but the more I read or learn about it I understand I should never say or be proud of it.

So... I will sleep better and will allow myself to sleep a little bit more.

Dinner was a yummy white bean and veggies soup.


Happy New Month! 



BTW: Do you have a goal that you want to reach this month?

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  • Love your blog Petra! So great to read about all that you do and really enjoy all the places that you go. You’ve got an amazing spirit Petra! Miss you lots. JD


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