Day 99 of 125.

As I mentioned yesterday, I started to really focus on my stretching to make sure my body doesn't turn off on me. Well... only one day should not do much for you, right? WRONG!

Over the weekend hanging out with one of my greatest friends Nina that is a yoga instructor and also a fun and bright soul to have around, we talked a bunch about many things and we always keep checking with each other on how are we doing in all the levels possible. She is a flexible beast and she knows that I don't stretch for all the exercise I do, so she did some yoga flows with us at the trip to help us lose it up, move our bodies to prevent to get hurt and also thought me a few stretch moves that I could do on a daily bases to help me open my hips as I am felling them lately after all the training I am doing.

Last night I did the routine she thought me and also used a tennis ball to help me go in deep in one particular spot on my hip... ouchhhhhhhh!!! That little ball was able to really massage and lose the tight spot, and it HURTS. But a good pain (I guess... lol).

This morning was a completely different story. My body was feeling 10 times better and my hip was 7 out of 10, as it was feeling 4 out of 10. I was so happy to see and feel the difference already. Made me more motivated to keep it going. Fingers crossed that I will not drop the ball and keep the routine on point.

At the gym this morning was biking training day. Headed to the cycling room, turned my music up high and went for it. Did a 45 min HIIT cycling ride, was able to do 11 miles and tons of sweat, a little bit of abs and called the "day". 

For breakfast I did my usual breakfast bowl:

Today's mix: avocado oil, onions, kale, cremini mushrooms, eggs, cheddar cheese, avocado & hot sauce... yum!

Here it is a couple of good reasons to eat KALE:

Lunch was a basic delicious combo:

 I grilled the chicken breast in butter and used for seasoning: salt, smoked paprika & cayenne pepper; asparagus cooked on the chicken pan with a little extra butter and salt; cauliflower was steamed, fresh sliced tomatoes and avocado. Served?

Now, ASPARAGUS time. Let's see how good it is for us:

Back at home to work on some personal things, stretch and sleep.

I am exhausted and tomorrow it is swimming day!

Nite nite.





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