Day 98 of 125.

Holy Moly ...

The race it is in 26 days and I am starting to get a little "scared" about it. 

I don't know if scared is the right word for it... I am anxious... I am nervous... I am excited... so many emotions going through me.

This past weekend I was backpacking up in the Eastern Sierras. Hiking beautiful mountains, sleeping under the starts, jumping into lakes... I mean... an absolutely amazing experience. Was a good break from work, busy life, my routine and everything else. Was a time for me to think and get ready for all I am aiming for myself.

One of the things that got me thinking was about my body. Got me questioning a lot of what I have been doing to it. Am I taking good care of it? Am I giving it the appropriate rest that it needs? Am I giving the right fuel to keep me going? Alllllll kinds of questions started to pop into my mind. 

I know that I am doing my best to prepare for race, but there is more I can do. Like stretching... I don't do enough and it is so freaking important, that I need to change this pattern ASAP, not only for right now while I am training for the triathlon but for my workout regime period. So that changes today! For now on I will block at least 15 minutes of my day to stretch fully and really pay attention to the parts of my body that needs more attention than others. 

And one thought that came to my mind right as I opened my eyes was:

"I did not wake up to me mediocre!"

That said... I will do everything in my power to succeed in all the things I want to do and dream of, and my first step is to get ready for this race. 

Got myself out of bed (let's not even... even talk about how sore my body was when I first moved myself out of bed) and went to the gym to train my swimming. After being in high altitude for a couple of days, my lungs are feeling pretty big and body capacity is out of the roof. I was able to swim longer than I thought and was good to do some exercise that didn't require banging my joints... lol!

Swim log:

- 5 x 100 yds freestyle

- 5 x 50 yds breaststroke

- 5 x 200 yds freestyle

- 5 x 50 yds breaststroke



Today's breakfast bowl was: coconut oil, onions, green bell peppers, bok choy, eggs, avocado & hot sauce.

A few macadamia nuts as a snack, lunch was time to get some personal work done and lunch was a fast mix: shredded zucchini & squash, ground beef, avocado, olive oil & ranch dressing. Weird... I know!


 I had my workout clothes in the car to be honest and was ready to go for a run at the beach. But as the day went buy and I thought of the things I needed to accomplish and errands that I need to do... I decided to head straight home, have a smoothie (so I don't lose no time cooking) and work on my things.

And that's happened. Made it home... did a smoothie and went straight back to the computer to organize some of my hand outs, write a little, will stretch, will read and in bed early so I can kick ass tomorrow at the gym.


Happy Monday!

What is one thing you will do this week to get one step closer on where you want to be?

You don't need to start large, you can start very tinny and work your way up, even if it is drink more water... whatever it is... give yourself a little goal and see how you feel after you reach it. 

Trust me... It is an amazing feeling!



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