Day 91 & 92 of 125

Today is Tuesday July 24th and I am writing about Monday and today's workout log.

After a great training session on Sunday, I was actually looking forward to head to the gym first thing in the morning to keep the training going. But that didn't work as planned. I always set my alarm for 4:05 and 4:15 am, which I did Sunday night. But apparently I was more tired than I was expecting. To the point I woke up at 5:30 am not remembering nothing about turning the alarm off. Glad my body naturally wakes up early and I was able to set the alarm for a little later to give me enough time to get ready and head to work. 

I like to do intermittent fasting once in a while, but I find a little hard for me to do as often as I would like because of my training schedule. Be up at 4 ish, do a good workout in the morning and not eat for a couple hours some times it is "impossible" (for me at least, lol! or I am just looking for an excuse... who knows?!). Anyways ... the fact that my butt didn't make to the gym I decided to fast till lunch. When 10 am hit the clock, I was starving... but after a few minutes it completely went away. Nothing like chug some water to camouflage the hunger.

One thing I have to say it is for us to be aware if are really hungry or we are thirsty. A lot of times I think I am hungry, but I am actually thirsty and after drinking some water my "hunger" goes away. Just a little tip. Drink more water... simple simple!

Lunch came in full force and I glad I packed enough for the size of my hunger:

Another bowl combination: hot dog, cabbage, asparagus, red bell pepper, squash, hot sauce and avocados.

Back home did a 5 mile run to add to the the workout log and started to get things ready for the backpack trip.


Today I made it to the gym and I was super sleepy the whole way, but I made it. I did a 30 min HIIT bike ride and 1 mile run in the treadmill, nice sweaty morning.

This morning was nothing compared yesterdays. I was planning my breakfast while running in the treadmill, all the ingredients I had in the kitchen was going through my head... lol. And here is what I came up with:

Today's combo: bacon, onions, sun dried tomatoes, chard, bok choy, eggs, goat cheese, salsa and avocado. Basic!

Work went super well and back home was time to pack it up to leave first thing tomorrow morning and back in a few days after some good adventure.

Want to know where I am going?


I will let you know as soon as I get back.

But you bet is a pretty place.




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