Day 90 of 125.

Sunday was a magnificent day!

I took my swimming to the ocean and was a great learning experience.

Well... the day started with a 20 min HIIT bike ride (indoors), then mom and dad went to the beach with me to keep an eye on me while I went for a swim. I did 1100 yds in 21 min and was wearing my long wetsuit for the first time, which it felt much better than I was expecting and my lungs were in great shape too.

After the swim, took my wetsuit out and went for a 1 mile run in the soft sand, did 100 squats, 100 sit-ups and 20 push-ups. 

I was thrilled with the outcome from the workout and excited to push myself more and more in the next few weeks. I will take a few days off this week to head out into the mountains and backpack for a few days, but I look at this situation as training too as I hike a lot and will be staying close to some lakes to swim in it and let's not forget the high altitude will be a great aspect to add to all of this. 

The rest of the day was all about working on my blogs and ideas, planning and getting the food ready for the trip, cooking some good food and getting some extra work done for work.

As mentioned before, I don't like to eat before working out or training. I did my coffee blended w/ butter, creatine and collagen prior my workout, took tons of water and coconut water.

Breakfast was a delicious meal:

Was a combination of: bacon, asparagus, onions, red bell pepper, cabbage, 2 sunny side up eggs and I wanted something creamy, so I made a little spread (avocado, garlic, cilantro, coconut milk and goat cheese)... yum!!!!!


Now... let the week begins!


How was your weekend?

Anything you wish to accomplish this week?

Let me know, let's share some thoughts and ideas...

Many kisses.



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