Day 89 of 125

Hi y'all!

I know it's been a little while. I have been struggling lately with my time managing to be honest. There is times that I am soooo good to use my time wisely, but there is other times that I SUCK AT IT!!!! And I get so frustrated that makes everything worse. 

For sure I am still doing a lot in 24 hours, but not even close as productive as I should be. My training is going amazing and this is one of the things that I am really proud of myself. I have been on point with training and giving my body right time to rest and recover. Diet is been super solid and I have been feeding my body with all the right ingredients for a healthy journey.

Be able to think about it and analyze what it is going on is the key. I had to really stop and put some effort to be 100% honest with myself to draw it out the necessities, priorities and waste of time. But hey... who else can see what's really going on? No one. Only YOU can look inside of yourself, inside of your thoughts, inside of your dreams and inside of your reality.

A few days ago, my girlfriend and I were talking and she brought something up that I didn't notice and opened my eyes. She commented that through all this writing journey leading to the triathlon race, not once I mentioned anything about me being a Health Coach and made me think why not. Even though I have all the tools to launch this business, I am holding myself back and letting my doubts take over my path.

All the thinking and rethinking some life choices, past decisions and future dreaming... I came up with a new way to do things for myself and hope this will be a recipe for success, lol! Well... let's see how this will work.

Baby steps and determination will be the main exercise.

Now let's get to the training log for today.

Yesterday was my day off and I actually managed to not do anything, imagine that ?! hahaha. Today I had to work in the morning and I decided to sleep in till I had to leave instead of going for a run in the morning and do my workout toward the afternoon. 

I went for a 3 mile run and in the middle point of this run there is a set of stairs. There I ran up the stairs 5 times, walked down to catch my breath and in the bottom of the stairs I did sets of 5 push-ups and 25 sit-ups.

Back at the house, I jumped in the bike and did a 30 min HIIT bike ride that kicked my ass. A jump in the pool to refresh myself and time to work on my projects.

Food wise...

Breakfast was steak and eggs! Yes, you read it right... steak and eggs. Last night I made a huge Rib Eye Steak with cabbage and avocado for dinner:

As you can see, the steak was a pretty large serving, giving me leftovers for this morning. Chopped it up, added some asparagus, eggs and goat cheese and breakfast was ready. 

That is a advice that I keep saying to everyone: cook large portions so you can have leftovers. It helps so much cutting time into getting a meal ready. I always do and the next time I will eat it, I just mix with something else with it and you have a new meal.

Made a smoothie after my workout with: coconut milk, avocado, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder & ice.

While working in this post I got hungry so I made myself a quick snack:

Literally took me 5 minutes to put this together and you only need 5 ingredients: coconut oil, grass fed hot dogs, onions & cauliflower. But if you don't have coconut oil you can use: avocado oil, olive oil, butter, lard (if you ever... ever cook or want to consider to use lard, you need to be 100% sure that the lard if grass fed and organic), grape seed oil or ghee. 

An alternative for the hot dog it is whatever you have at home: bacon, eggs, steak, chicken, fish, turkey, pork, tempeh, tofu etc. 

No onions, no problem. You can use green onions, garlic, onion powder, garlic powder, celery (I often use celery to saute my food) or shallots.

Instead of cauliflower you can use ANY VEGETABLE you have in hands, anything... from leafy greens to potatoes. And if you want more than one...  go for it. Eating all the colors of the rainbow is what you should always aim for it. 

In the afternoon I headed to the beach with mom and dad to watch the sunset and practice my photography. Dad always liked to take pictures, he is self taught and I always liked the way he see through the lens so I am constantly picking at his brain for advise and when he see my work, he looks with critical eyes and gives me feedback so I can improve next time... Couldn't be happier to keep growing! 

Here is a few of yesterday's sunset and the moon was phenomenal:

 And the moon...

 Not a bad way to finish the day... right?!

I agree. 

One of things I learned on my Health Coaching course, was something I naturally practiced in my life, but was good to have a reassurance about it. I have this feeling that often I need to walk barefoot and put my feet straight up in contact with the Earth to ground myself and let the power of the nature energy runs through my body. And studies have shown how good it is for the human body. It is connected with stress management, pain relief, boost your immune system and helps blood circulation. Just walking barefoot... Such an easy quick free thing to do! If I were you, I would get on it.

For those to have been in my house, knows that I am often watching cooking shows other than anything on TV. I am not listening majority of the times, but when is about food I am always looking for a new combination of ingredients and new ideas, so when a cooking show is playing my subconscious is getting information all along... lol! 

Anyways... was watching Chef Ramsay's cooking show and he was cooking a mashed sweet peas with mint that made my mouth water and I had pretty much all the ingredients, so I decided to make me some with a grilled chicken breast.

For the mashed sweet peas: butter, olive oil, shallots, garlic, Chef Ramsay's recipe called for red chili pepper but I didn't have and used red mine sweet pepper, sweet peas and mint. For the chicken was salt, pepper, smoked paprika and butter.

After a great full productive day... I slept like an angel!


What is something that is a stress relief for you?

I would like to hear your choice and advise. 




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