Day 7 & 8 of 125.

As you can see there was no post for my 7th day into this journey. I thought I would be in the mood for a long workout and more productive day, but that didn't happened. I took the day off to hangout and catch up with some friends, ended up taking a long sweet nap in the afternoon and cooked some Gnocchi for the first time with my mom, as we keep talking about and yesterday we decided to finally do it. We will be changing a little bit of the recipe, but for the first time, it was delicious... we did with butter & sage sauce, that was to die for:

Stayed up watching some documentaries and this morning didn't do a good job to go to the gym and do my workout first thing in the day.

Didn't do breakfast this morning as I was still super full from last night's dinner and decided to do some fasting (just had a glass of black coffee) till lunch time. Made myself a smoothie full of goodies while worked on some personal projects.

In the mid afternoon, my coworker went to grab the mail and a book that I had ordered last week came in a little earlier than expected, so I am excited to start learning a little bit more about training for my triathlon.

I skipped my squats yesterday and in the chart should be rest day, so I did a little modification and instead of also taking today off, I am doing yesterday's 80 squats and will continue with no BS for now on. Ahhhhhhh!

Dinner will be grilled chicken and veggies if I can keep my eyes open... lol!

Happy Monday!



BTW: How the hell is the last day of April already? Time is flying by, this is crazy !

Anyways.. this is the proof that I need to be even more focused than I have been. This is no joke and this race will be here in no time.

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