Day 65 of 125.

It is amazing how life talks to you in an unique way.

What do I mean? Well... As many of you know I have this DailyQuote App that everyday at 6 am sends me a quote of the day alert, and today's quote was:

"Through perseverance many people

win success out of what seemed

destined to be certain failure'.

- Benjamin Disraeli

Today at 6 am I was walking to my car after working out when I read it. I liked it, but didn't think much of it till the end of the day after some work changes had to happen and even though that they are not that much of a big deal, enough to throw a curve ball at you and all you need to do is to step up and deal with it, and you know that is for the best as things just keep getting better no matter what. 

Alright... enough of life lessons and back to training log.

At the gym I did a great a treadmill HIIT circuit and 15 min of AB workout. Was a great morning!

Treadmill HIIT:

- 2 min 3.5 speed / 0 incline

- 1 min 4 speed / 0 incline

- 2 min 7 speed / 0 incline

- 1 min 4 speed / 0 incline

- 2 min 7.1 speed / 0 incline

- 1 min 4 speed / 0 incline

- 2 min 7.2 speed / 0 incline

- 1 min 4 speed / 0 incline

- 2 min 7.3 speed / 0 inlcine

- 1 min 4 speed / 0 incline

- 2 min 7.4 speed / 0 incline

- 1 min 4 speed / 0 incline

- 2 min 7.5 speed / 0 incline 

- 3 x 45 sec 9 speed - 45 sec 4 speed

- 5 min 4 speed / 10 incline  

- 1 min 3.5 speed / 0 incline - cool down

Back at home I made a quick protein shake and cooked 2 eggs to take to work for breakfast after the bike ride. Had some cheese and avocados at work that I added to it.

Lunch was last night leftovers: chicken, leeks and carrots.

The bike ride home I was spaced out as my brain was going a billion of miles... I am glad that I did the same way home as I usually do, because for sure I was on automatic pilot...I do not remember biking through some places... lol! 

No afternoon training work out today. A lot to do and schedule changes to be planned.

But one thing is for SURE... I can not wait to get out of town this weekend and be in my element to recharge myself. 



Bring it on.


PS: Wondering what's up with the blog picture?

I was going through my Instagram this morning and I saw this picture, which it is my daily routine. Also do believe that this apply to many of you, am I right?

Kind of simple... wake up, coffee, poop and exercise. NO?

I think it is. 

Hope you laugh about it... I did. Laughing is good and never, ever enough.

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