Day 6 of 125.

Today was a mellow day...

Slept late last night writing yesterday's page, and woke up right on time to get to work, with only enough time to take a good shower and drive to work.

Yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend and for a while now she has been saying that I need to take a day off from working out. I am a stubborn when it comes to taking a day off on my workout schedule, I usually go in deep and workout with no breaks. But with this journey, I am trying my best to be good with all this new changes... so today is my rest day. I did my 75 squats for my squat challenged, but that's it, no run... no biking... no swimming... no  nothing, lol!

Had a smoothie for breakfast and I spent the whole afternoon at my brothers house having a BBQ and hanging out with family.

I'm on my way to meet my girlfriends to have some fun... and tomorrow is back to business.


Hope you all are having a blast.


Lots of love !

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