Day 57-61 day of 125.

I can say for sure that all this workout is paying off.

The bike rides to work is getting harder as my body is getting more sore with the extra training I have been putting myself into it. As I though they would get easier... I was wrong, so wrong... I mean, my lungs are for sure getting stronger but my legs are feeling it deep. 

Monday morning I debated on calling the workout off, but the good thing was that I promised to Helena we would workout together, so as soon as I started to press snooze I stopped myself, made out of the bed and out of the house pretty kick to make sure I would not head back to bed and call it quits...

We had a great sweaty morning at the gym, did some cardio and a little bit of weight training. Biked to work... and for lunch the girls in the office and I went out to eat burger and fries. For sure it tasted good while I was eating it... but a couple hours later I wanted to fall as sleep and felt blah! It is one thing to cook your own burger at home, but when you eat out is a hit and miss. 

Back home I only had a smoothie for dinner as I was still full from lunch, worked on my blogs, read for a bit and was out cold by 8 ish...


Tuesday was a great day... I was able to accomplish A LOT, and it feels so good when it happens. It is crazy how good it feels good to scratch your "to do's" out of our list... Don't you agree?

Morning started a little heavy as all the food from yesterday was still hanging out in my body... lol! Sounds funny and weird, but it is a true story. Anyways, at the gym I did my swimming session and it was great training day. 

Breakfast was scrambled eggs w/ kale, mushrooms and swiss cheese. Nothing fancy, but for sure a good combo:

Back home I went for a 5 mile run and dinner was a nice light veggie soup.


Wednesday was great gym day. I pushed hard on my legs and did a great circuit training. For breakfast I did some scrambled eggs w/ purple cabbage, onions, zucchini, cheese and avocados. 

Have you ever cooked purple cabbage and eggs before? Well... they make the eggs turn "blue"... looks funky, but I am a big fan of the taste, lol!

For lunch was something super basic, but super nutritious: grilled chicken, steamed japanese sweet potatoes and broccoli, tomatoes and avocados. Don't look a plate of art, but hit the spot for sure.

Dinner in the other hand was a great dinner night, I put some music on and cooked my but off. Did a pork chop with zucchini & celery pure and sautted purple cabbage. Was delicious and made enough to have it for the next day lunch.



Thursday was a interval training at the treadmill and abs. Was a good sweaty was to start the day!

After a good workout I was starving, so I made an extra full filling scrambled eggs: bacon, kale, sweet potatoes, cheese and avocados... Why everything taste better with bacon? So good!

As this morning I was not paying attention to the time, I had to drive to work, lol.

Back at home I was feeling super tired and drained... being a girl have this problem that hunts you down every month and plays with your emotions, you hunger, your body... decided to take it easy after work and not do any other workout and went to run some errands.

Last week I sent some pictures to be printed in canvas so I could give them as a gift for some friends and today they were ready for pick up. I was a little anxious as the last one I tried to print did not come out as I was expecting... but these? Oh yes! They came out amazing! The more I print them, the more I think I should do something about all this beautiful shots I have been gathering from my adventures.

They both don't look as sharp as they were. I left the plastic wrap to protect them on my way to give it to the new owners... lol! Top: was taken this January 2018 over at the Historical Ghost Town called Bodie Ghost Town 1 1/2 hr north from Mammoth, CA. Bottom: my whole office did a retreat in April over at Catalina Island, so the picture was taken when we were exploring the island.

Makes me happy to see my work printed in a larger scale...


Friday didn't come fast enough. 

Morning was a good gym session. Did some weight training and a great meditation in the sauna... was really able to focus on my thoughts and create a positive mind set for the whole day!


 At home I cooked a delicious breakfast: sautted some onions, red bell pepper, squash and kale, 2 sunny side up eggs and avocados... boom! so good!

Back home I did my usual 5 mile run to the beach and back... was a super slow jog. My legs were super heavy.


How was your week? Did you do what you planned on doing?

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