Day 55-56 of 125.

And there it was the weekend...

Saturday was spot on. Woke a bit later because was the weekend and I could let myself stay in the bed for an extra little stretch, made my blended coffee, got my gear ready and went for my bike ride.

Did my 16 miles in great time, back home went straight for a 5 mile run which I did 7 minutes faster than last week and the rest of the day I worked a bunch on my things, took a nap, cooked and drank some beers and margaritas with my parents and had some great laughs together.

That said... the little bit I drank the night before didn't make me motivated to go train as hard as I should have, was Father's Day and Brazil was playing in the World Cup, that means that I did not go out for my brick workout that needs to happen over the weekend.

What is a brick workout? It is when you transition to one full workout to another one to trigger your muscles. Like for an example, you go for a good bike ride and go straight for a run afterwards... no breaks. 

Great workout... hard as hell!

I was lazy till the Brazil game was over, mom and I went for a walk so I could show her a new set of stairs close by,  did a good run/workout at the stairs and after that I was in the mood for a splurge food day.

My dad is a big fan of pizza, so I invited him to go get some pizza for father's day, we got some ice cream on the way back home. I mean... when I eat good... I eat real good, but when I in the mood for some munchies... I go ALLLLLL in, and I don't eat these things everyday, so it tastes even better. 

Met brother and the rest of the family for a good dinner and weekend was over.

Time for bed and start everything in the morning!


How was your Father's Day Weekend?




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