Day 52-54 of 125.

The rest of the week was a great training week. 

I was able to experience some physical challenges that made me push myself harder than I thought I could. Please don't get me wrong that I am not even close to compare myself to an olympic athlete or any high end world class athlete, but I am comparing myself to my own standards and body level.

Example... On Tuesday late afternoon I did a cycling class that whooped my butt and I thought that next day I would need to take the morning off and take it easy. Well... that didn't happened. I was up on my usual time a little bit sore, but not enough to make me stay in bed. I went to the gym and did my swimming training I was planning on it. 

As soon I as I woke up my legs were heavy enough that I thought that I would sink instead of swimming, but not really. I was actually in a pretty good shape for the swim session and finished my almost 1700 yds (did 1695 yds... lol!). Meditated in the sauna and back home cooked another scrambled eggs combo to eat as a taco version (I do not remember the mix of the scrambled this time to be honest...sorry). Biked to work and the ride was way easier than expected. Once again I was surprised that I was not as sore as I planned to be... that's great news! 

Was a great work day and the bike ride to the beach work out was a fun ride as it has been a pretty funny since I started to listen to podcast to begin with it.  

On my rides or drive to work I have been playing with my routine all the time. There are times that I use the time I am driving to call family or friends to catch up, there are times that nothing is on other than my thoughts, there are times that the music is playing so loud that I dance and sing all the way or there are times that I listen to a podcast that gets me all motivated and fired up about life that I can't wait to take on the day. 

Recently my personal choice for a podcast is: Joe Rogan Experience , he talks about everything and always able to crack a joke of any situation. After listening to Joe's podcasts for a couple months, on episode #1127 with Jesse Itzler he mentioned many life challenges and brought up the name of the this Navy Seal I listened a podcast back in February (episode #1080)  called David Goggins... a bad ass dude that makes you motivated with anything you think you are dealing with your life. David Goggins it is a hard ass guy that don't take no for an answer or life for an excuse... neither should us. 

We are often to tired, to busy, to sad, don't have the resource for it...

FOR WHAT? Get out of your lazy ass and do something about it. 

Anyways... Jesse mentioned about his book called "Living with a Seal" which David Goggins went to live with him for a whole month and also mentioned that he had an audio book version of it. Light bulb! Why didn't I think of listening to some books while biking to and from work in the first place? I guess it is because I never been a big reader growing up, but that have been changing in the last few years.

Downloaded the book and have been listening to his book the whole week... cracking up as a lot of the situations I see some humor in it even more after dating an army boy for so long that some military jokes and mind set are really familiar for me. Also motivational for me to listen someone really push hard on your own boundaries and comfort zone. Loving it.

After work I went to meet the crew at the beach and we had an amazing beach workout. The weather was great and we were all fired up.

Thursday was a great great leg and booty weight training, some meditation in the sauna and biked to work listening to my audio book... lol!

 After work went for a nice walk with Helena, Dani and I went out for a wine and cheese night. Always a good time with this girl and for sure we can talk for days. 

Stayed up way later than usual so no workout  on Friday morning and actually decided to take the day off as I was planning to training hard over the weekend.




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