Day 51 of 125.

BTW did I mentioned that I have 10 weeks till my triathlon?

10 WEEKS, 74 days and 1776 hours until the big event.

The more I train the more I get motivated. I keep seeing the progress in so many areas in my life... I can see my training getting better and stronger, my mind set is changing, my body is molding... all for the good. Can't wait to the finish line and celebrate all this gains. 

I have been looking into sleep a lot, really putting some thought on it and making sure I don't mess it up as studies have proved that we don't have a sleep bank. What do I mean about that? That we can't sleep 3 hours today and catch up on the hours missed over the weekend. Of course will feel amazing to sleep in when you have the time to do so, but every night should count and for us adults we should get a least 7 hours of sleep, if you can get 8-9 your are golden! I am working on it, but to be up at 4:20 am I would have to sleep at 8 pm and right now it is impossible . I work full time and still need sometime to socialize, cook, play, do nothing and have time for myself... But when the weekend comes along, ohhhhhh yeah.... I have been getting around 10 hours and when I wake up, I feel like a super woman... lol! 

How many hours of sleep do you get? 

Anyways... Tuesday was a good day. Started with my usual (which my performance, mind and energy have been loving it) power coffee:

I blend black coffee, a spoon of coconut milk, grass fed butter, cinnamon, MTC Oil, L-Glutamine & Chocolate Keto Protein. This combo is been working for me as it gives me a lot of good fuel to a hard workout. I have been working out a lot... so I need to make sure I am nourishing myself enough. And for this blend I do it with all of it or sometimes only butter, cinnamon and MTC oil. I was actually thinking if this would work with cold brew coffee????? I think I have a challenge. Let's see how will taste.

 Gym was a great leg, booty and abs day, a quick meditation in the sauna and back home to shower, cook breakfast and lunch and bike to work.

Breakfast came out ugly but yummy. I did scrambled eggs with black beans, zucchini and gouda cheese in a bed of arugula and topped with avocado.

Lunch I made some sauted mix veggies (onions, cherry tomatoes, asparagus & cauliflower) in a bed of purple cabbage, topped with avocado and Ranch Dressing. 


Biked straight from work to Natasha's house which is less than 1 mile from my place and almost "killed" myself on her genius idea of training on her Peloton Cycling Bike. OHHHHHHH... I have been biking a bit more, but jeez that was a great workout... It kicked my ass. She picked a 45 min class for me and I went for it... Bad ass workout and training, loved it... I think will be a great add on to my training plan.

Dinner was pork chop with baked veggies and I was out early, I was whopped from the full day.


Any recommendations for a training set up? Happy to hear it.


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