Day 50 of 125.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... so annoying!

I literally was almost done with today's post and my internet shut off for a quick second and my post didn't save, not even half of it. Oh well, cry me a river, right?!

Today was a great start of the week, that's for sure. Of course there is something to do that I had a great weekend and woke up ready to take this week.

Yesterday I saw that I need 50 minutes at most to swim the 1500 meters I need for the triathlon, so I planned on swimming Mon-Wed-Fri this week. Today I did 1695 yds in 44'19, not bad at all and now I can work on cutting the time and for sure the breaks between laps (the luxury to swim in a pool... need to take my swimming to open waters).

Today was a beautiful morning as it was getting light out since 5 am and the moon was a tiny little sleeve shining in the sky.

Set in the sauna after to cool down and meditate for a bit and set the energy for a good week.

At home I got breakfast and lunch ready before biking to work.

For breakfast I made some chia pudding (coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flakes, cinnamon & frozen berries) and for lunch grass fed hot dog, broccolini and purple cabbage. 

Packed my bag and headed to work. OUCH!!!!!! I did not notice till I started to ride my bike how sore I was. Swimming earlier I was not feeling as much, I was feeling myself a little bit more slow, but not like I was riding the bike... lol! Was an interesting bike ride to work. Made in great time though... 

I keep a jar of peanut butter in the office at all times... yes you read it right, a peanut butter jar at allllll times. Judge me all you want but I know we all have that one thing that we need to have in hands, mine is peanut butter. Anyways... my ride to work was enough time for the chia to hydrate and give the pudding texture (around 45 min: make the pudding, pack it up, ride to work, get set at work and eat), added a spoon of peanut butter, made a cup of coffee and voila!

The day was nice and smooth, no complicated cases and a great energy around the office.

At lunch time I ate talking to my best friend in Brazil, Luana... Luana and I have been friends since we were 8 years old and we have been best friends since. She is a pain in my ass, but I love the crap out of her. We have miles between us, but no time in the middle of us. We don't need to talk everyday, but when we do is like we talked yesterday. The other mix in the pot is Carol... Carol came into the picture a few years after, but it doesn't feels like it. The three of us is a mix of good seeds. We do no evil... we do no harm... completely the opposite... we create good energy together and we laugh a LOT. If you think that I already laugh a lot... you have not seen me with this 3 wonders. It is crazy happy times! I miss the crap out of them and the amazing thing between us is that we reach out to each other when we need the other the most without having a freaking clue what is going on... we just do. I do it with them and they do it with me... Awesome! Miss this girls!!!!


Biked back home (biking to and back from work will add 10 miles a day worth of training... which is more than necessary and my legs will thank me later... lol!) and went to do some personal work and get ready for the week. 

No running or no training after work today. Will be a busy training week, so I will be lazy tonight and head to bed early and just chill.


What's your plans this week?



Happy Monday... xoxo

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