Day 5 of 125.

Happy Friday !

What a great day... after passing out cold last night, woke up in great spirits.

I really hope that this attitude will keep up for all this journey, if not all of it... for majority of the time. 

Gym in the morning was as like nobody was there. That early in the morning I usually see the usual people here and there, but today was me plus 7-10 people for most part. Wish it could be like this the most of the time to be honest, lol! 


As I knew that I would be doing some good cardio after work, in the morning I focused more on weight training. Did a 5 min walk to lose it up and worked on some leg reps, 15 min abs, 70 squats for the challenge and 5 min walk to finish. 

Not having dinner last night made me think a little deeper on what I should have for breakfast. Was in the mood for something savory, even though that I have been eating a lot of eggs, I have been cooking a lot of scrambled eggs and I used to be the omelette type of girl. So I decided to cook a bad ass omelette to curb the craving.

Omelette: bacon, onions, sweet potato, red mini sweet pepper, baby bok choy, havarti cheese and eggs. Of course I added some amazing ripe avocado slices to the plate and blended some collagen and butter to my coffee for an extra boost.

Smooth day in the office... Lunch was a bunch of leftovers together (beef stew, arugula, beets, avocado and kalamata olives), I have this tendency of putting everything together in the same plate.

By 3 pm (ish) I have my usual snack: apple and peanut butter.

Oh... I almost forgot that I actually had a least 3 hands full of caramel kettle corn just an hour after lunch, ops! 

Headed to the Santa Monica Stairs... Jaime and I kicked ass for an 1 hr. We did stairs, up hill running, triceps dips, plank shoulder touch, more 100 squats, 100 lunges, 100 leg kicks, 100 leg scissors, 4 min plank (1 min elbow, 30 sex each side, 1 min elbow, 1 min reverse). I was a sweaty mess after all this, but it was so worth it, not only for the workout, but the weather was right on point: sunny and breezy! 

 On my way back, I stopped at the store to get some last minute needs for my dinner recipe and as soon as I got home was cooking time. 

Dinner tonight: baked spaghetti squash, onions, chicken apple sauce, garlic, spinach, ricotta cheese and a touch of fresh basil... served?!

Was pretty delicious, but next time I will change somethings... the spaghetti squash is naturally sweet, so I thought of changing the sauce for the bacon as it is saltier and I used it before to know that will pull a different approach to the squash, my other change would be seasoning the ricotta prior the mixture or using a more pungent (thanks Beverly, "pungent" was my word of the week) cheese for this recipe. It was tasty and creamy, but could be better. 

What is your plans for the weekend? 



BTW: What I am looking for this weekend? To take a NAP.

Do you like naps?

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