Day 48-49 of 125.

This weekend was a great training weekend!

Listened to my body on Friday and gave the rest it needed it so Saturday I could go deep into my workout.

Woke Saturday around 8 ish, made my bulletproof coffee and added some chocolate protein to add some boost and I usually don't like to eat anything right before my morning workouts.

BUT... on race mornings is a different story. You usually wake up an hour or a few hours prior the event, so you actually should eat before. I don't know yet what is my favorite breakfast combination before a race as I keep changing. So far I think my body liked the overnight oats the best.

Anyways back to the bulletproof coffee... I bought this Keto Chocalate Protein that I like to make some smoothies, fat bombs and mix my coffee with it. It gives a little feeling of a mocha coffee. Blended the coffee with MTC oil, butter, cinnamon, collagen powder and 1/2 tbsp of the chocolate protein powder. So good... and fuel of energy for a good workout.

The past times I have been biking south and this weekend I decided to go north and not go as far so I could add a longer run. 

Managed to bike for 16 miles in 1hr 18 min. Dropped the bike home and ran to the beach and back (5 mile loop) in 54 min 04 sec, giving me 10'47 min pace which I need to get better at it for sure. But hey, I am trying to mix it all up and still do all this on my own. 

I felt great afterwards... that's for sure. But as soon as I got home I was starving... I mean... starving. So my sore ass got to the kitchen to cook a breakfast taco:

For the tortilla I have used the casava flour and chia seed gf tortilla, made a avocado spread (avocado, coconut milk, garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper), in the cast iron skillet I sauteed in avocado oil some onions, grass fed hot dogs, garlic, zucchini & broccolini, salt & red pepper flakes for seasoning... done and done. Was fantastic... no joke!

Afternoon head to a meditation center and had a guided meditation for 1 1/2 hrs and it was an amazing experience... soul searching!

Back at home I cooked something super fresh and light. Have been wanting to eat some fish for a while, so got myself some Cod and some veggies... Did a crusted version w/ hemp & flax seed powder, for the veggies I used: onions, Chinese eggplant, purple cabbage, brussel sprouts & green peas. Don't look as pretty... But was delightful... you bet it was.

Rode my bike to go read at the beach for a little bit and when I was back home was bed time. 

Slept nice and easy for 10 beautiful hours... this morning I was in the mood for a kick ass training session. Decided to go to the gym and try to swim the 1500 meters (1640 yards) that is required in the triathlon. And I did, took me 48 min to complete it and I took many breaks in between, but i did it all. As I have been training in the pool I need to practice in open waters... Someone want to train with me?... lol! 

Got out of the pool and changed to bike for a little while, did 30 min in the bike (6 miles) and ran for 3 miles. Don't seem much but was a good training experience. Now that I have a little base I can up my training. I'm excited!!!

For breakfast I did another great taco combo: GF tortilla, smashed avocado with hot sauce, gouda cheese topped with sauteed onions, hot dog, sweet potatoes & cabbage .... yummm !! I'm getting good at this. 

Worked on my blog and played with my nephews for a while... took a 45 min nap, I love naps!.

Lunch/dinner was steak, asparagus and farofa:

The rest of the day is work on personal things and get some planning for the following week.

How was your weekend?

You did anything fun this weekend?



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