Day 43-47 of 125.

First week of June was a great start of the month.

Need to step up on my training game for sure, but I am not slaking what so ever. This week I took some morning gym days off as I needed to catch up on some sleep. But the days I went... I kicked ass.

Monday I did a great swim training in the morning, work went well and met a girlfriend for a drink after work to catch up, as we haven't seeing each other in months the talk was so good that I went to bed a little later than expected. Oh well... I don't do that every day... so it's OK!

Tuesday I didn't go to the gym in the morning because I wanted to use the extra few hours of sleep, went to work and went to a beach run after work to enjoy the sunshine and do a little training. Managed to do 4 miles in the soft send,  a small circuit training by the water (push ups, planks, lunges & squats), mediated and enjoyed this beautiful view.

For dinner I wanted something light, so I decided to do a blended soup. First I sauteed in coconut oil some onions, garlic, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, added some coconut milk and masala spices, blended all together and dinner was ready. 

Wednesday was a great sweaty weight training at the gym and did upper body strength. I must confess that I am enjoying the changes thatmy body is going through...

After a good workout I was in need for some good breakfast... Did my "usual" (which is never the same, it always depends on what I have in the refrigerator and I will play with the ingredients) scrambled eggs: bacon, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, avocado, alfafa sprouts and hot sauce.


I know it was only Wednesday, but for me presentation makes it all the difference. And eating for me it such a delicious thing, that I like to start with the visual and hit the palate with it. Even though that I mix all together afterward, the first second is nice and pretty... lol!

Went to meet my friends at the beach after work for some training and the day was perfect for it. Love the Spring days... sunny but not hot... breezy but not cold. A perfect balance of them two. But when you put your work into the workout, you bet you can break a sweat. Well... I do... a lot!

For dinner had the leftover of the night before soup and was still delicious, after dinner went to meet a friend for a beer and got carry away with the time again... went to sleep way later that I should in a school night... lol!

No gym on Thursday morning to catch up on my sleep. Work was a smooth day and back at home I had a smoothie for dinner and worked on my blog all night.

Friday was a great sweaty morning, even more using new workout gear.

Who gets motivated when they get new workout gear?

For sure I do... Got new running shoes and new workout pants. The shoes I keep buying the same one as they are fitting me perfectly, I use Salomon's trail shoes, and I know that you should have a different running shoe for each type of pavement you would be running, but I have one that is been working for me so far. Use your own judgement, listen to your body and don't get hurt. For workout close I like Onzie for pants (as they have a bad ass selection of cool fabrics and I love the way they fit) and just got some pants from Gymshark, I follow a lot of active girls on Instagram and they have been recommending and using a lot of them, so I decided to give a try and so far so good.

The day was smooth... Thought I would go for a stairs workout or a run after work, but when I was done with work... I was done... I was exhausted. I had dinner by 7:30 pm and was bed time... 

Exciting Friday night for sure! 



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