Day 35-40 of 125.

Sorry for being away and not as consistent as I should be. That was the whole reason for this blog and last week I lacked on it a lot. 

Over Memorial Weekend I was house sitting for a friend and to be honest I did a lot of cooking, a lot of training, a lot of sleeping and a lot of nothing. It is hard for me to seat still sometimes and just do nothing. But I did!

Sunday (the day before Memorial Day) after I woke up I went to the Culver City Stairs and did a crazy workout for 1hr 30 min. Was amazing, but I pushed myself and felt fantastic. Stopped at the Farmer's Market to get somethings to cook and invited a girlfriend to have dinner with me because I was in the mood to cook a bunch. Got home, cooked a late breakfast, the sun was shinning so I put on my bikini and worked on some personal projects and listen to podcasts while getting a tan.

My girlfriend mentioned that she would come over by 7 pm and when we planned made completely sense. Around 6 I took a shower, set in the couch and I was out... I felt at sleep so hard... that I left her hanging with no dinner. Rude... Guess I needed some rest after all the training and work the past couple of days. I was so in need to some rest that I slept till 8 am on Monday.

Isn't it funny that the more you sleep the more you want to continue sleeping? That is exactly what happened with me. ..Monday I was lazy the WHOLE day. Used the lazy holiday day for the workout rest day.

Tuesday I went back to the gym in the morning and did a great job with a circuit training, meditated in the sauna, went to work,  back home and slept.

Wednesday was leg day and pretty much the same thing as Tuesday, but the difference was that Danielle (great friend of mine) and I went to the park by the Marina to eat some cheese and salami and chat away. She had some wine and I had some kombucha. Yep... no wine for me! 

Thursday was cardio day at the gym in the morning, meditated in the sauna, went to work and at lunch time I stopped by Bel Campo to get the pork to make some pull pork to take camping... HOLY SH*&! They just finished opening after stocking the butcher with the most fresh meat I seen in a loooooooonnnnnngggg time. The colors of every piece was top notch and I wish I could have bought the whole store, lol! As I have been going there for a little bit, the guys always help me get the best of whatever I want to do at that time. Went back home with 2 lbs of nice fatty fresh pork butt. At home I let the pork marinating to put in the crock pot first thing in the morning and started to get the camping gear ready.

Friday I woke extra motivated and excited as I knew that I was leaving first thing in the morning to somewhere new and somewhere beautiful. Went to the gym before work... work went super smooth... didn't go to the Santa Monica as I usually do on a Friday after work, as I had a bunch to get done before head out of town and wanted a full night at sleep so I could be rested to enjoy the mountains.

Now... let's get to the weekend and back on track with this whole training journey. The weekend was not about training but about building memories.

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