Day 34 of 125.

Saturday May 26th was for sure a bad ass day!

I actually did everything I wanted and more.

Friday night I went to sleep early and had in mind to let my body wake up whenever it felt like it... so I did. Naturally woke up around 4:30 am and told myself to go back to sleep as it was Saturday and I did not need to be up that early. Finally got out of bed by 8ish, did my power coffee and hopped on my bike for a long bike ride. This time I decided to go a little further that I have been going and managed to do a 29.1 mile loop. 

My turn around point was Hermosa Pier, in the end of the pier I decided to sit down for a bit and do my meditation. Not only an amazing place to do so as it is quiet, you can feel the ocean breeze in your face and hear the sounds of the wave (I must confess that I love the sound of the waves... makes my brain relax and to meditate it is a great sound to listen to it - in my opinion of course!). 

To top it off this great start of the morning while I was opening my eyes after meditating for 15 min, guess what showed up right in front of me? ... Five dolphins playing and jumping all around. I was a happy girl!

Biked back home, had a mean breakfast, and headed over to brother's to pick brother and sister in law to drive up to Mt Baldy.

Mt Baldy have this really cool event that every Friday & Saturday in a full moon or close to it, they do night hikes up to The Notch and there they have life music, a bar and BBQ. You can choose to hike up and down, hike up and take the lift down and take the lift up and down. We decided to hike up and take the lift down.

Well.. I have been to Mt Baldy many times before. It always been in the morning where I go to run up the fire road all the way to The Notch and back down, stop at the San Antonio Falls in the bottom to fresh myself. No joke, but all the past times I went the sky couldn't be bluer. Can't say the same for this time. It was crazy foggy, we could barely see 5 ft in front of us, and I am not exaggerating.

We parked the car by the ski lift to get the tickets for the ride back and to the BBQ. I never started the hike by the ski lift, so we asked some information and headed up. All we needed was to pretty much fall the lift line up and there was a trail that would follow the same line. It makes a lot of sense if you could see anything in front of you and that was not the case...

I was kind of disappointed as I sold them a completely different scenario. We kind of contemplated on just going back down and riding the lift up, but we actually kept going and asking for information for people riding the lift to see if this trail would take us to the fire road (less steep and easier). We finally made it to the fire road and a few steps in it we were able to see that the sky was clearing it up and it was all incredible gorgeous for then on...

Nature gave us an amazing show of setting the fog beneath us and let the blue sky peak out!

We got to The Notch, they got themselves a beer ( I wanted one sooooo bad... lol!), but I sticked with a cup of coffee. Got ourselves some BBQ (It was pretty delicious, they had a good standard salad, corn, potatoes, BBQ Chicken, Brisket and vegetable lasagna), set by the band and we had a bad ass time. For sure will be doing this again. 

On the way down was a weird fun experience. We never go down the lift and it is a funny felling to go down on it and even more in a steep one. It was pretty awesome as there was a little bit of the sunset light and we went into the fog in the bottom and the moon was shading through it. Sorry I don't have no picture or video from it... I was kind of scary of it and did not let go of the seat the whole way down... lol! But it was awesome! hahahaha



Who wants to go with me next time?



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