Day 29 of 125.

Woke up a little more tired than I wanted because yesterday I was up way later than expected getting all my posts on track.

I thought would be easier and faster to get them up, but when you have such an amazing trip... as soon as you start to write about it... tons of stories and memories pop back in your brain and you feel like you want to tell it all. 

Oh well... that is a great problem to have! What you think?!

Now...back to the training routine. Last night I thought this morning I would hit the pool and practice swimming, but I woke in the mood for some weigh training and change my swimming days.

Started with a 5 min walk to warm up, 240 squats for todays challenge... tomorrow we will be the last day of the squat challenge... next will be an ABS challenge... and some weight reps after. Today's target was legs and booty... they are burning and shaking... YES! Went to the sauna and mediated for 5 min, today's meditation passed super fast and was able to really let my mind go... it is feeling better everyday. I am enjoying it! Not only liking it what meditating is doing for me... but all the progress of this great work I am putting into is also making me more motivated everyday to wake up in the morning and break a sweat. Arms are getting stronger, back is getting leaner, butt is getting firmer and abs are getting flatter... 

Breakfast was so freaking good today. I didn't use eggs this morning as I had a lot of eggs over the weekend. In my breakfast bowl today: bacon, onions, asparagus, zucchini, crimini mushroons, smoked gouda, avocado and hot sauce! Boom ... Good workout need to be paid off with some great breakfast... don't you think?!

I think so!

Lunch was we ordered in for the office and I got a delicious Cobb Salad ( arugula, blue cheese, bacon, chicken and avocado w/ balsamic vinegar dressing ).

Afternoon was super busy... but good busy. Met with a girlfriend for a quick run and did some hills on my own on my way home.

Had a smoothie for dinner as I want to head to bed early... read and check out.


How was your Monday? Memorial Weekend is coming up... any plans?


Sweet dreams.



PS: The picture of the blog post was taken exactly one week ago on my trip to Yosemite... day dreaming is never a bad thing! Keeps me motivated for the next adventure and makes me work a little harder to conquer all the many dreams I have. 

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  • Tá irado o site! Keep it up 😉

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