Day 25, 26, 27 & 28 of 125.

Day 25th - Thursday May 17th!

Day went great.

Had my bulletproof coffee in the morning right before the gym, started my workout with a 20 min cycling warm up, went to the treadmill to run a mile, did my 225 squats for the squat challenge and did some leg and butt weight training. Loving the results of all this work... It is getting better day by day! Finished with a 10 min meditation session in the sauna.

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, cheese, spinach, onions, bacon and hot sauce with dandelion tea & coconut oil blended... yum yum!

Another good day in the office... loving this good days mojo! Hope it can keep like this for a while.

For lunch was improvised with a bunch of leftovers together: steamed cauliflower with butter, sauteed veggies, chicken tights and avocado.

No snack during the day as I was not hungry at all. Did my fatty smoothie before leaving the office and went for a walk with my friend and we had a great time catching up.

Back home was time to work on my posts and to bed early.


Sleeping is going fantastic... is been deep and solid every night... loving it!


Day 26th - Friday May 18th.

Another good night at sleep... haven't been dreaming, but sleeping real good.

Did my morning blended coffee with essential good things in it to fuel the body with all the necessary things to have the right way to start the day with: MTC oil, grass feed butter, cinnamon and collagen.

At the gym was another swimming training day. Started with the 1 mile run to warm up, did 230 squats for the challenge and swam for 15 min ... was a solid training morning and 10 minutes meditating in the sauna.

For breakfast I wanted all in once, so I made it happen. Pan seared a beef grass fed hot dog cut in half in some avocado oil, after I took the hot dog of the pan I sauteed some garlic and spinach, beet kraut I made a few weeks back, avocado and olives... was spot on. While cooking breakfast I was also getting lunch ready, which was: chicken tights, onions, carrots & bok choy sauteed in avocado oil and sesame seed oil added at the last second, when was time for lunch I heated up, added  avocado and hot sauce for the extra touch. In the mood for cooking today? I guess so...

I was about to go meet a friend to go do the Santa Monica Stairs and do an after workout and by noon I texted him to confirm as I had all the energy in the world...

By 3 pm it was a completely different story, it was like a slap in the face. I could close my eyes and go deep into sleep... This type of tired was the type of detox tiring, I also been having light headaches during the day for the past day. What that means? My body is cleaning up with all the extra sugar and carbs I was eating. And let's be fair that I don't even eat sugar that much, but when you break sugar down even the healthiest source ever... it is still sugar and I was using bananas daily in my smoothies, consuming more fruits, lots of carbs and sweet vegetables, treats here and there, etc. 

By any means I am saying that they are bad for you when used in moderation like everything should be. I am saying that my body is detoxing, and everybody reacts different towards everything and anything. Each one is a unique individual so respect your body accordingly.

So I decided to call the workout off to go home, cook some food and sleep early.

Dinner was fantastic... Zucchini Lasagna: homemade tomato sauce, ground turkey, onions, garlic, basil, ricotta, mozzarella, sliced zucchini and parmesan cheese to serve. Crazy to believe, but was the first time I used the broil set up ever... gave the lasagna such a great visual and texture... yes! For desert I decided to do a keto chocolate chip cookies and see if they would work as I want to try to make cookies in the cast iron skillet in the campground... hope it will work!

Successful night! All turned out better than expected... great way to go to be with your belly full and happy.


Day 27th - Saturday May 19th.

I wanted to wake with no alarm and go for a good bike ride and a run after... so I did. I naturally first opened my eyes at 5 ish in the morning and made myself go back to sleep and enjoy that I had no specific time to wake up. Finally got out of bed around 8 ish, did my coffee routine, got a little snack ready (cheese and olives) and iced water. Hopped on the bike and did 25 miles, left the bike home and headed for a run and managed to do 2 miles, wanted to do my usual 5 miles to the beach and back, but thought would be best not to push too hard, something was telling me not to... who knows!

When I finished... I was starving!!! 

For breakfast I cooked: bacon, cauliflower rice, green onions, cheese, eggs, alfafa sprouts, avocado & hot sauce with a glass of iced Yerba Mate.

It is amazing when you do good to yourself and see the work paying off... and sometimes you act a little silly and dress up cute even if you stay home working on your personal projects!!!!!

Day was mellow working on projects, hanging out with family and resting after a good training day.


Day 28th -  Sunday May 20th.

The gym opens at 8 am, so I planned to get there right at 8 am to do a kick ass swimming training morning. Well, I got there at 8 am sharp, did 15 min on the bike to warm up and when I went to the pool... it was full! I wanted to swim at least for 45 min to really push myself and go to the Culver City Stairs afterward, but I ended up going to the stairs a bit earlier than planned. All good, the weather was great for a good workout, a little bit overcast and breezy. I managed to sweat like crazy, but that because I was really working for it! Did some hill running, stairs, abs, suppose to be rest day for the squat challenge but I decided to do it anyways so I did 235 squats, on my way down the hill I stopped with a good view and meditated for 15 min.

For breakfast I did another cast iron bomb combo: grass fed butter, onions, grass fed beef hot dog, collard greens, broccoli rice, eggs, green onions, avocado & hot sauce and a cup of tea. Was fantastic!!!!

For lunch we had some pork ribs, cucumber and ranch dressing (weird combo, but good).

I spent the whole day updating the blog so I could start the week fresh and work on my posts day by day.

Had a little snack: coconut flour tortilla, avocado, zucchini & cheese, super basic but hit the spot.


Hope you all had a great weekend!


I am exhausted looking at this screen computer all day and I won't take my rest day tomorrow because I won't be able to work out on Thursday, so Thursday will be rest day. Tomorrow will be swimming!


Let's start the week strong... shall we?


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