Day 24 of 125.

Back to real life folks!

Going back to sleep on your bed for sure is comfortable, but nothing can be compared to sleeping in the middle of nature with no pollution in the air, no noise, crispy temperatures... I thought that I would sleep way earlier than I did to be honest.

I was able to wake up after hitting the snooze only once and went to the gym to do some swim training. Started with 1 mile warm up in the treadmill, was a little rough being the first attempt to run after the race, lol! Did my 220 squats for the challenge and swam for 18 minutes in a great pace and lungs on point. While swimming I thought to my self of how much I have improved... and then a light bulb came up and I notice that I was doing good because of me playing in the mountains and in the high altitude... Crazy how much that makes a difference. Went to the sauna to meditate for 10 min and headed back home to cook some breakfast and go to work. Back to reality guys...

So... I have being eating and exercising pretty good for the last few years. I get pretty close from my "dream" body, but never 100% there. So I decided to give a try to the Ketogenic Diet (high fat low carb diet) and see how my body would respond to it. I decided to change a couple of things together with the diet, usually I would take a pre workout supplement to give me a boost of energy before the gym, which is not the best thing to do first thing in the morning, so I started my day with my bulletproof coffee right at 4:30 am to give me clean energy to go workout. In my coffee it is: black coffee, mtc oil, grass feed butter, cinnamon & collagen. My performance at the gym was awesome on the first day, let's see how the next days will be.

Fat Breakfast: bacon, collard greens, cheese, eggs, steamed broccoli, avocado & hot sauce with a cup of roasted dandelion tea with coconut oil. Fatty delicious!

The day went supper smooth considering being away for a couple of days. Lunch was leftovers: pork chop, mixed veggies (cabbage, zucchini & asparagus baked in avocado oil), olives and avocado.

I drank a smoothie before leaving work and went to meet some friends for the beach workout. Was a great workout!

Back at home was time to take a shower, work on the blog page and bed time.



Not much time to do everything... ahhhhhhhhhhh! 


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