Day 22 & 23 of 125.

Last day in paradise!

We woke less sore than yesterday for sure, but still super sore. That did not stop us from going on a hike and see pretty things... when I say pretty... I mean REAL FREAKING PRETTY!

The day started with some coffee and oatmeal. Natasha got this gluten free instant oatmeal from Trader Joe's that have flax, quinoa, amaranth & chia, we added some extra goodies: blueberries, banana, nut butter (this time mine was the vanilla almond butter from Justin's), goji berries and pumpkin seeds. Was delish!

We headed off to Yosemite Valley to go hike to some majestic waterfalls. I've seeing some pretty amazing waterfalls before, but so far Vernal Fall is on the top of list... is massive... and the power of the water is to take your breath away. I think the fact I was so close to it made the experience even more intense.

The best part was the hike to get to it... was a good hike up, but the views on the way made the challenge easier. Here is some of the views on the way up:

You can start hearing the fall from way back, the power is so big that the noise travels through the valley. Love the noise... is so relaxing!



The closer you get... the better it gets. You can't help to have a big ass smile stamped on your face. Have the mist of the water on your face, the noise is able to clear your mind with anything that was trying to fill your thoughts... POWERFUL!



We continued to go up and decide to have lunch on the top of the fall and maybe head to the Nevada Fall (a few miles up). Unreal when you get to the top. A little higher up was plato of rocks sooooo smooth that you feel like jumping in and go down like a slide... DON'T DO IT! Please... just a joke that might be awesome, but with the power of the water, it can go real... real bad!



We had a great lunch by the slide... we laid on the rock... we meditated for a bit and this was the best meditation experience so far. Being present in the moment, surrounded by fresh and pure nature, listening the fresh water running, the birds singing in the back, the energy of the rock underneath you... all the elements alined for a beautiful moment. Was able to clear my mind for a good period of time... felt so good! 


The weather started to close and some dark dense clouds started to come into the valley, so we thought would be best just to see the Nevada Falls from the bottom and not risk it to go all the way up. We were also still sore and was 4 pm at that time, which would be best to head down and not be rushed to it. That gave me even a good excuse to plan a trip back, so I can go all the way to the top next time.


The way down we took easy. Started to rain a bit, so the stairs was supper wet and one little mistake could get us in big trouble. I went super slow, I am a little afraid of stairs going down, even more when the steps are uneven and wet, lol! Petra was in turtle mode and being extra careful... go figure!




Back in the car driving by the valley, the sun came out and the amber color started to hit the rocks formations, I stopped in one of the pull out spots to mark that memory of the blend of those colors together: the amber color of the sun, the grey clouds, green trees...


The waterfall you are seeing in this picture is the Bridalveil Fall, she is also majestic. We started to drive up the mountains which led us back to the Tunnel View spot that I took a pretty gorgeous picture of the valley, but this time something extraordinary happened. With the moist in the air after the rain and the sun coming trough... the whole valley lighted up and a rainbow showed to close this trip in high spirit. There was a bunch of people there staring at this all happen in front of our eyes... Life is fantastic and for sure she have a good way to show it too. It is in the small details. I take it in... I take it all in... and bring this to my heart to make me happy to at least have seeing such a thing!

Of course we were smiling all the back to the campground, even though we were super tired from the day. We took it easy and cooked something basic: zucchini, squash, broccoli, chicken apple sausage and sweet potatoes. No fire pit as we wanted to go to bed early and we had to head home first thing in the morning...-



Day 23rd:

Tuesday morning we packed our things, had a fast breakfast with leftovers, packed the car, drove close to the lake to meditate one more time and started to drive home. We made some stops: gas, pee and fresh salad at WholeFoods on the way and made it by 5 pm. Wednesday will be back to my training schedule and work! 


What an amazing time! It is insane the benefits that the mountains and nature have on me. I feel younger, happier, more balanced, motivated, inspired... all the best flowing inside of me. 



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