Day 16 of 125.

As I mentioned last night, I didn't think I would be able to finish one page of my book after writing yesterday's post and I was absolutely right. I was not even able to finish half of the page, as I will read it again because I have NO clue what I read... LOL! Slept like a baby...

Forgot to say yesterday how sore I was from my trail run in Mt Baldy, CA on Sunday. I ran up hill 3 miles straight and not only my lungs were feeling it ( the trail started at around 6000 ft and went up to 7700 ft ), but legs felt like jello when I got to the top. So yesterday I actually felt my hips sore more than anything. I am constantly working out my legs, so they don't get sore that often. But my hips... oh yes they were. I am a little crazy about feeling sore, I enjoy this kind of "pain". It makes me believe that I am putting some work... No pain no gain... right?!

This morning was a great morning! I woke up right away after a good night at sleep. I have been sleeping pretty darn good lately... I really think it is the combo of good eating, exercise, work, feeling happy, no drinking and meditating... What you think? Make sense right ?!

At the gym I did my mile run for warm up in 9:08 min, 1 min head stand (using the wall for support, of course! One day I will do with no wall support, lol!), and went to the pool and I was able to get in for a swim. It was a great one, I broke the barrier of 1000 yds. The watch said I did 1094 yds in 29'50... I for sure felt it. Swimming is being a true challenge, that's for sure! After my swim I headed to the sauna to relax and meditate for a little bit.

I have been working on meditating for real this time. The more I read and learn about it, the more I want to dedicate and focus on it... so I am taking little steps, like starting with 5 min a day for now and will be increasing as soon I feel that the time is right and I will be able to stick to it.

For some reason I wasn't that hungry for breakfast so I had a little protein shake right after my workout, had my bullet proof coffee when I got to the office and 2 hard boiled eggs for a mid morning snack.

Super productive and smooth morning in the office... Lunch was the leftovers veggies from last night with chicken apple sausage and avocado with a cold glass of iced tea.

Thought about a run after work for a little bit, but I did a good workout in the morning and tomorrow will be double workout day for me, so I decided to run errands, cook for the trip, work for a couple hours on my things, read for a bit and sleep early. If I went for a run I would not have the time to do all this and accomplish all of the important things I HAD to do today.

Started the chili that will be in the slow cooker all night, tomorrow I will freeze it to have it for dinner one of the night at the camping trip. The house will smell like heaven tomorrow morning. Good times to get things ready for a great trip!

Time to finish the daily errands.

Sweet dreams!



BTW: Any good camping spot you recommend in California?

Will be discovering new spots this summer... I'm excited!!!

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  • Love this! You are such an inspiration. Keep on kicking ass lady!

    P.s I dont know of any camping spots but I will go with you on at least one camping trip this summer. Love you!


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