Day 12, 13 & 14 of 125.

Hi Hi !!!!

I have been away for the last couple of days doing a lot of training, cooking, personal work and resting... A lot of resting!

As I mentioned before Wednesday was an odd day, Thursday came along just fine and Friday was even better. I woke 5 min before the alarm was set for and headed to the gym ready for my swim training.

Well... went straight to the treadmill for my mile warm up and went down to the pool, but all the lanes were taken. Ahhhhhh! Really ?! A full pool at 5:15 am? Guess I was late, LOL!

Anyways, went back up and did some pull ups, chin ups, dips, leg raises, jump rope, hand stands, some abs and sauna to finish up. Good morning for sure!

For breakfast I did a bomb combo of bacon, eggs and veggies (onions, leeks, cabbage, yellow bell pepper & red mini sweet pepper), black coffee.

Lunch was a smoothie: protein powder, frozen mixed berries, coconut milk, spinach, peanut butter and avocado. Basic... but so good! And of course a silly celebration for the May the Forth Be With You Day... Yoda was with me the whole day... ha!

Apple and peanut butter for afternoon snack.

Afternoon training was amazing. Went to the stairs and pushed it for a full hour. Was amazing... with uphill running, stairs sets, squats, lunges, dips, push ups and abs. Good way to wrap it up the week... 

Got back home in the mood to cook something new. Saw this recipe on Instagram from @everylastbite1 of a Butternut Squash Ravioli With Kale Pesto a few weeks back and got stuck in my head. So I decided to do something like it.

I did the recipe for the ravioli pretty much the same, but did a different sauce because I didn't have all the ingredients, so I just adapted to it and did a butter fried onion sauce, and YES!!!!!! Not only was gorgeous to look at was delicious, will be posting the full recipe shortly.

And after this goodness was bedtime for a good training session in the morning.



Day 13th:

Fantastic Saturday... Woke up with no alarm as I wanted it and headed out to a long bike by the beach path and ended up doing 25 miles. Stopped at the beach for a run in the sand and was planning on doing 2 miles in the sand, but I ended up doing a 1.5 mile run. Did my 130 squats for the challenge, went in to the cold ocean water for a quick pick me up... LOL! And gave myself the privilege of laying there and relaxing for a while... and was fabulous!

At home I had for a late... late... late breakfast a mix of veggies (eggplants, onions and bell peppers) in home made tomato sauce, topped with 2 sunny side eggs and avocado... Yum!

Went to a Cinco De Mayo party for a bit... had some cake, tacos and NO Margaritas! 

Read for a bit and passed out cold.




Day 14th:

Have been wanting to go back to Mt Baldy for a trail run in the last few weeks, so I decided to go and invited mom to go with, I would go running and she could just walk up and we would meet at some point. Great idea! We were starting the trail at 8 am, I was able to run almost all the way up and can say that I ran 95% up... in a really slow steady pace... but never stopping! Ran back down till I saw her, she was good so she decided to turn around and start heading down too, but one of my favorite songs just came up, so I decided to run the song back up hill and will run back to her again... so I did and we walked back down together and chatting away. We do that a lot together and we laugh a lot too.

In the begging of the trail there is the San Antonio Falls, which was a good amount of water coming down... we headed over, I went under for a little bit to wash it off and I absolutely love to feel the cold fresh water cleaning me off. Body and energy cleanse for sure... so good!

Back in the car we had a good snack bag waiting for us with cold ass water to drink, I made some avocado egg salad wrap in cabbage leaf, some cantaloupe melons and trail mix. Good finger foods and nutritious to repair the workout done.

It is amazing to drive only one hour and a few minutes away from home and beach salty air to the mountains with pine tree smell, clean air breeze, wind sound and clear mind!

Life is not only all good, but when it is good... it is EPIC!

At home I made a steak salad with kombucha as I wanted something quick so I could go take a nap and work for a couple hours and have a early night. Monday will be my training rest day, but this week I won't be training on Friday as I will be driving far on Friday after work, so I will train tomorrow and use Friday as my day off. 


Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


BTW: We all are always super extra busy all the time. Try to give yourself some time to do something that brings you nothing more than smiles to your face... whatever that might me... do it! Life is short and it is up to us to make it happen. I am fully aware that there is hard days... but we can always try it. 

Mine today was running in the mountains... how much I love it... 

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