Day 118 of 125.

"Champions aren't
made in the gyms.
Champions are made
from something
inside them:
a desire, a dream,
a vision."
- Muhammad Ali


Time is flying away and life is getting busier and busier. I also could find a billion of excuses to say why I haven't been writing as much as I was in the beginning and keeping my training schedule updated.

But the truth is that I needed a break. I took a break to deal with some personal things that needed to be addressed and still be on point with training, eating healthy, sleep and work. And in the end all is coming together in the best way possible. 

Today at the beach after my morning run, I meditated close to the water (I set close enough to the water that once in a while, the water would touch my legs. Can't get more relaxing than that!) and during my meditation I was getting myself mentally ready for the race next weekend.

Yesterday I had the best news I was waiting for. For a couple of weeks now, brother and his family was not sure if they would be able to come along and celebrate with me in the finish line, and that was making me sad... real sad. The more I didn't want to think about it and pretending that I didn't care. I did... a lot. But all of them will be able to be there and that means the world to me. To see my nephews cute little faces, will the best motivation for those moments that I might feel extra tired or doubt myself if I can finish. Trust me... those moments are brutal.

I am not doing this race for a classification in the podium, but to cross the finish line strong. To celebrate the hard work and the accomplishment of something amazing. It is a solo reward to be honest, but I signed up to prove to myself that I can do anything I dream of. After life puts you in some though situations and shape your soul with some hard edges, I found that doing these type of challenges like: marathons, ultra marathons and now an Olympic Triathlon, where the output is benefits all the way around, it is a great exercise and a way to smooth those edges off and polish the best version of myself. It's working. 

Took some time to just lay there and enjoy the peace and quiet, energize my body with the earth vibrations and fuel my soul with the sun.

This journey taught me a lot. Taught me a lot of determination, to keep myself motivated, a lot of discipline and about my body boundaries. 

I am now in the end of the curve and this week I will keep to the basics: swim, run and bike rides. Nothing extreme, but I need to keep my body moving. Not only to be safe, but also so I don't lose my mind... lol! Not do anything for a week would be a little boring, and I do not have time for boring. 

As yesterday I went for a good 27 mile bike ride, today I just ran in the sand (4.7 miles) and enjoyed the flat clear blue ocean. The water temperature was marvelous and I stayed in for a while swimming, floating and chatting with my mom.

I want to point something out. 

What is going on with a lot of us not being kind with the planet? 

We need to baby it like we would anything we love so much, and the planet should be something we ALL share the love for.

When I run, I run close to the trash cans for two reasons:

1) is soft sand and I love how hard it is to run, and let's not forget that legs and booty loves the work they get.

2) I can throw away the trash I collect running between them. It is ridiculous how much crap I gather. Some small little things I can understand as they can fly away, but a big can? a big box? a giant styrofoam cup? You really forgot to leave that behind? 

Common sense is something we should all practice. I hear a lot of people praising so much, but the little acts speak way more than what is preached and when is time to do something, they don't. We all should do little things that in the end the DO make a difference. 

Even though I always collect as much I can, I have a little bag in my backpack so I can take even more to where trash belongs and that is in the GARBAGE CAN!

Sorry to be a little harsh, but it is aggravating to see how disrespectful people can be with mother nature and with others. Not nice.

Now... change the subject completely and talk about something that makes me a happy girl: FOOD!

Breakfast was more like a brunch feeling to it. Yesterday I bought everything I wanted to make my version of a breakfast sandwich. Was first looking for an english muffin, but a pretzel bun "talked" to me and that's what I got instead. I know that was not the most healthy choice to get, but that's what I was craving for it and in the end it's all about balance. I have been real good with my eating habits that I have no problem to indulge once in a while and today was the day. But if you see the rest of my combination of the breakfast sandwich, there is nothing to be ashamed of, totally the opposite.

I was brave enough to make real mayonnaise for the first time and it turned out freaking delicious (didn't get the recipe down, as I was playing with the ratio as I was going. First time, next try will be recipe worth!), spinach, red onions, avocado, bacon, aged cheddar and fried egg... 


Was a prefect combination in a bite. Delightful! Will be playing with mayo more often and doing something like mayo at home is super healthy, when you use the right ingredients and have control of the quality of each one of them.


The rest of Sunday was working on some blogs posts, researches, reading and more eating... lol!


Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Anything in Lake Tahoe that I should not miss? Let me know any thoughts.







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