Day 10 & 11 of 125.

I didn't post anything yesterday, because yesterday was an odd day for me. I woke great feeling my normal happy self, went to the gym... did my mile run, the 105 squats for the day and swam for 24 min (875 yds).

Was feeling great... Got back home and cooked my breakfast, got ready and biked to work... Was singing along the way... Was enjoying the breeze on my face...

Got to work, ate my breakfast that was delicious by the way. I sauteed a bunch the veggies (onions, kale, cabbage & bok choy), sprinkled some chia and hemp seeds, diced avocados and a little bit of hot sauce, and a cup of black coffee!

 And after a few minutes this sad feeling came up to my chest and made me want to cry to the point that tears were coming down like a waterfall, got myself together and just kept this sad feeling inside the whole morning. At lunch time I went to one offices that was empty and let myself cry for a moment to clear it out, whatever that was. 

For lunch I had a steak taco: corn tortillas, hummus, black olives, avocado, steak and arugula. 

The rest of the day was super off that I even canceled my Wednesday's beach workout because I was not in the mood at all, but decided to go for a hot yoga class to sweat it all out... and boy wasn't that best idea I had all day... lol! I felt great afterwards and accepted that I am human and even tough everything is great, I can have a moment of "sensitive" times and cry if I want to. 

Dinner was pork chop, brussels sprouts, red onions and avocado... Basic dinner to be quick and hit the bed early. 

Well... that didn't happen. I went to bed early, but after I started to read the time started to fly and I went to sleep a little later than expected. Good reason!




Today... Day 11!

Yes !!!! Nothing better than a brand new day.

Woke up super smooth, gym workout was fantastic as I was super motivated and focused. Started with 5 min power walk, moved to the 110 squats of the day, started my weight training cycle and abs in between, 5 min elliptical and 10 min power walk. Great sweaty way to start the day.

Cooked for the first time hot muesli in coconut milk, added frozen berries, almond butter and drizzled some honey. For the coffee did the blended version (coffee, butter and collagen), delicious breakfast !

Morning went great and lunch had a mix of everything: leftovers brussels sprouts from last night dinner, black eye peas, broccoli , avocado, black olives, rice vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper... a side of sweat cantaloupe and I can say is a good day!!!!

After work went for my walk by the beach with my girlfriend and we chatted away... dinner was chicken, bok choy, carrots, sesame seed, olive oil, salt and pepper cooked in ghee.

Took a time to write here about this two days, now I am going to read a little and go to sleep soon...

Tomorrow the day will start early!


Sweet dreams...

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