Hi guys,

Is Petra Flor here, Happy New Year !!!


Don’t know about you, but 2017 was a fast year for me. I got into running more than I ever been (did my first ultra marathon in the amazing desert of Monument Valley - will be posting a blog soon, so you all can see the extension of my craziness), felt in love with a new lifestyle (outdoors activities), made new friends, let go of some old ones, got into photography, spent A LOT of time in the kitchen cooking old and new recipes (can’t wait to share all the new recipes with you, but they will come slowly), learned a lot with my nephews (it’s amazing to see what kids can do to us), was able to conquer some dreams that I didn’t think I had…

 After holding on to start this website for so long, I picked January 1st of 2018 to be the day I would launch it. It will never be perfect enough and I have a lot to learn (in so many ways), will only get better from here. I will apologize in advance for the "bad" grammar on my posts, I do talk funny and dorky in real life, so here you will find that “scent” all over the place. At least, I hope you will break a smile once in a while… for those that don’t know me in person, it's something I enjoy doing a lot, is to smile. Life is not happy all the time (fully aware of it), but one thing I know for sure: it’s up to us to make it a better and a happier life. Not only with our attitude towards things and people but also on how we think. The power of the mind is absolutely incredible.

In this New Year I want to be happier and healthier than I was before, this is my personal goal. For a world wide wish? Kindness! Simple word that it goes so deep. Let’s be kind to one another… Little things… Hold the door open when someone is coming right behind you, get up in a public place when there is a elderly person around it, look at each others eyes when they are speaking, truly listen what they are saying when they need to be listened, etc. Be kind.

I hope to travel more, go international and also around the US. Here is somethings on my list: scratch some National Parks I haven’t been, go camping more often, do a train trip, wine tasting, cooking classes, reunite with loved ones, do a mini triathlon … Not a bad list, right?

One thing I would like to mention is that I have been loving taking pictures to all the beautiful places I'm getting to meet. In this note, majority of the times the pictures will be mine. I have amazing photographer's in my family, so I will probably show their beautiful work here too, so you all can cheers up with me. I will write soon the blog of my trip to Kings Canyon, CA this past summer with my family, but here is one of my favorite pictures so far of a sunrise in the canyons:

Here is a question for you: What you would like to see here? I plan on talking about health, food and travel. Would love to see what you want to hear from me and I can work on it.

Cheers to us.

With love,

Petra Flor.



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