On Top Of The World !

Today is a day to celebrate what ground us… to celebrate a place that we all call home, it doesn’t matter where we come from, where are we going, what color we are, what language we speak, what dreams do we seek, what job role we play, what car we drive… Today is our planet’s day: Happy Earth Day !

In this note I wanted to bring some awareness to this magnificent place we all share, to be kind to the Earth in all aspects. I am a type of girl that loves to get in the car and drive somewhere new and beautiful, sometimes will be in the mountains, or the beach, or the desert, wherever it might be will be a good experience when you are learning something different and new. That’s why I get FURIOUS when I see people trashing our backyard. Your backyard it’s not only the area outside your house… think bigger. Your backyard is all the places you walk by. If you bring anything with you, guess what? Take it back with you. Of course that is times that the wind is crucial or something falls off and you are not aware of it. You all know that I am referring to the big mass of trash you see EVERYWHERE.

 Often on my beach runs I pick up more trash than enjoy my run, or I am hiking espetacular mountains and gathering trash on my hike… really?! You really didn’t see that HUGE bottle of water fall down? It is ridiculous. But if each one of us looks a little  bit wider than our on space we can help more the environment and slowly improve the quality of our lives and for the generations to come.

This Earth is breathing at all time underneath of us and constantly doing something incredible that none of us have explanation for it. We think we got all figured it out… but that is not true.

That is why I think it so important for you to get outside and enjoy it. Enjoy all of it… the sun warmth in your skin… the breeze on ur face… the smell of flowers… the sound of the waves… the hug of a loved one… the smile from a stranger… the sound of a child’s laugh… the taste of a good food… walking barefoot and energizing with the Earth… so many things to be grateful for and they are mostly free or cheap (lol!).

My job requires for me to be in the office from 8-5 all week. So when I am off I try my best to enjoy the outdoors as much as I can. In the week my workouts is at the gym, as I like to start my day with a good exercise and move on with my day, so it is inside of the gym. As much as I can I enjoy to take my workout outside so I get my mind cleaned and work on myself. This video is a little demonstration of me doing what I makes me naturally happy… it is me working out outside with an incredible sunset watching over me, making me feel like I am on top of the world. In the Summer days when it gets dark late, I have the benefit of going for a workout and also enjoy a gorgeous sunset. For me there is no better way to deal with a busy day, if it is something bothering you, or if you want to celebrate something good that just happened than be sweating out or taking a minute to appreciate what it is happening around you.

Make the Earth your happy place and be kind to it, as you would do with anything that matters to you.

Happy Earth’s Day!


Video by Ligia at Curious Lotus (www.curiouslotus.com)

Music: Alaska by Mogli 


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