National Smile Day - May 31st.

In my opinion this day should be celebrated everyday.
I absolutely agree that there are days that it is tough to smile because life keeps tricking you at all times. But there are more smiley days than grumpy ones, well... at least for me it is and you bet that I will be saying something "stupid" to crack a smile from you when I can.
Smile it is a magical thing, it can change someone's day in a split of second, improves your mood and those around you, it is a stress relief, pain relief (how many times have you smiled at a pain that hurts so freaking much that all you can manage to do is to smile at it? I have... a bunch actually.), improves immune system, engage relationships and for sure helps you live longer...
Don't you feel a little younger when someone makes you laugh so hard that you can't breath, you have tears of joy and your abs are hurting because you are laughing hard? Priceless feeling and it's free.
Things that makes me smile?
Silly great list:
- my family... I will never forget the first smile that my nephews gave me, the smile of my mom's face when she see all of us in the same room together, my dad's smile when we look at snowed mountains together, the way my brother's smile when he nails a good recipe, my sister in law smile when she finishes a good meditation...
- my friends... the sound of their voice when I call my girls in middle of nowhere and I managed to called them in the perfect time that we needed to talk the most, or a text message to friends that are far away to say a simple hello...
- nature... sunrises, sunsets, cloudy puffy days, sound of the rain, the smell of fresh snow, wind in my face, the energy of the tree when you hug them, how your brain sparkles when you jump into a cold lake, the way my lungs take a deep breath on the top of a mountain...
- food... I smile and make a happy dance every time I open a perfect ripe avocado, when I cook something and see everyone going for their second plate, the party it is in my mouth when I eat something delicious...
- workout... when I push myself and see I can do more than I think I would, when I cross the finish line after a good race, after a good workout session with your friends and we all cheer each other afterwards...
- LIFE! When I wake up in the morning I am grateful for be able to be up another morning. I do NOT and will ever take life for granted. EVER... I am here to live another day, a good or a bad day. There is a lot of people that can't say the same and they wish they would. And I will do it with a smile in my face as much as I can and I hope that I can at least with one smile make another person days a little bit better, a little bit brighter, a little bit happier.
Have you smile today?
Here is a little silly happy smiley moment I had in Yosemite a couple of weekends ago... just an example how a simple things in life like a beautiful place can do to someone:


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