Mushroom Type Of Morning

Nothing better than have a full night of sleep dreaming with those you love and wake up in a happy mood... So what do you think I do when I want to make my day a little bit brighter and happier ?

Yes... You are absolutely correct! I cook a delicious meal.

I often get asked if I am vegan, if I am vegetarian, if I am doing the keto diet, etc because of the foods I post or the things I like to cook. It all depends of the day, of the mood, of what I get inspired when I walk through the Farmer's Market, or even after chatting with friends and family about food. One thing is for sure, I love FOOD period, and I listen to what my body needs.

Lately, I cutted down animal protein all around to see how I would feel and to get out of the ordinary, experiment new recipes and combinations.

This morning I decided to do a vegan type of breakfast and it was delicious. But if you want to turn this version into some meaty, please... be my guest, go ahead and your bacon in the pot of goodness, or stir some eggs for a incredible scrambled eggs, you could also this combination for a side dish to go along a nice steak, grilled chicken, fish, grilled tofu, tempeh ...

Serving: 1

- 1 tbsp coconut oil

- 1/4 cup diced onion (red onion in the picture)

- 5 asparagus stalks (chopped)

- 1 cup cauliflower rice

- handful of Enoki mushrooms (some info bellow!!!!)

- 1 tbsp nutritional yeast

- Dash of cilantro (optional)

- 1/2 ripe avocado

- hot sauce (optional, this recipe I used Tapatio)

- Salt & pepper


- Heat the coconut oil in a medium skillet, over medium heat. Add the onions, and cook for 3-4 min until start to turn translucent, then the asparagus for a couple minutes. Last the cauliflower, enoki and nutritional yeast. Cook them they are all cooked through, around 5-8 minutes.

- For plating, I sliced some amazing ripe avocado, sprinkled chopped fresh cilantro and splash some hot sauce to make it a little spicy.

 So... let's get a little more familiar with this new addition to my world: mushrooms in general. The more I learn about them and the more I cook with them... the more interested I get by them.

Today's choice: ENOKI 


Nor only they look super cute, they taste delicious. They have a buttery earthy taste. This mushrooms can be sauteed, baked or even fried. I usually saute them with my eggs in the morning, add them to my salads or to my bowls... you name it. 

To be honest, I have been looking for a better way to describe this soft cool looking mushroom, but I did NOT come up with anything better than what Tero Isokauppila, the founder of Four Sigmatic had to say: " velvet foot', "snow puff mushroom", and "winter mushroom". They were also able to break it down to me what the name actually means:  this thin long stalked mushroom capped with little tinny round caps full name is Enokitake; " enoki" means "hackberry" in Japanese, which is the tree that this type of mushrooms grows in; and "take" translate to mushrooms in Japanese.

This unique looking little fella, have a hand full of super powers: 

- Improves skin health (contains tons of antioxidants that helps the body get rids of free radical and reduces photo damage on the skin)

- Optimize immune functions (antiviral, antibacterial, and restorative immunoregulator)

- Help with joint pains (anti-inflammatory properties)

Why not give it a try for something that not only taste delicious, but also do wonders for you inside out?

Hope you enjoy it.

Bon Appetit...

And let's get cooking!

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